Culture, Support

Our Culture – Your Foundation
Some companies build products. At Hirsch, we build a culture.

We believe the ideal culture will produce the best services and support infrastructure. Our goal is to make your investment in an access control or security management system safe and secure – today and tomorrow.
We have a culture that listens. We have a culture that is committed to the satisfied customer. Incidentally, this approach also produces the best products. With Hirsch, you are not just buying a product – you are buying a long term relationship.

Here for You
We have a worldwide network of authorized dealers to provide local expertise in needs assessment, system design, installation, commissioning, and ongoing service.

All installs are backed by the Hirsch Technical Support Team which is available to answer application questions and assist in installation and operation.

The Hirsch Learning Center provides continuous training programs for installation, commissioning, operation and administration on all our systems. Students receive a hands-on classroom learning experience, using dedicated PCs, controllers, and field hardware. Our instructors are professionals in adult education and instructional design. 

The Hirsch Solutions Room enables prospective customers to see their specific products and applications in operation before they buy.

The Sales Support Team is available to provide timely answers to questions concerning product selection, pricing, ordering and shipments.

Each Technical Support representative has a variety of equipment that can be configured to match the customer’s environment, so callers get relevant, timely and accurate answers.

The Hirsch Learning Center trains nearly a
thousand dealers and end-users each year
using state of the art facilities and equipment
with a hands-on approach.

Results-oriented instructors ensure our dealers can install and troubleshoot our systems and our end-users can operate and administer their system.


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