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Founded with Vision
We were founded in 1981 to bring to market the first secure keypad. Our idea was to "scramble" the digits on a telephone-like keypad so they came up in a different position every time. The resulting product became the ScramblePad®, for which we were awarded a patent. The ScramblePad was quickly embraced by government intelligence agencies for its high security features.

Scrambling digit positions and viewing restrictors prevent stolen codes.
Scrambling digit positions and viewing restrictors prevent stolen codes.

The Innovation Continues
After the ScramblePad, we pioneered a line of controllers renowned for their reliability and security features. And we added support for other secure reader technologies such as biometrics and smart cards. Then we created encrypted networks to connect the controllers to PC workstations. Client/Server architectures followed as Hirsch led the industry in enterprise-class configurations which reside on the corporate LAN/WAN. We built our system from the bottom up. It’s built on our hardware, our firmware, and our software. We build in integrity, as well. 

Modular architectures allow you to start small and expand to the enterprise.

A Long Term Investment
Our hardware is proven for its reliability, flexibility and long life cycle. Our software excels in ease of install, ease of use, and broad feature set. It wins industry awards to prove it. For most applications, a Hirsch system solution results in the lowest total installed cost, as well as the lowest life cycle cost. 

The Hirsch product line is as solid as it looks—award-winning, high security,  easy to install and use, and most important of all, reliable.
The Hirsch product line is as solid as it looks—award-winning, high security, 
easy to install and use, and most important of all, reliable.

Standards for Security
We embrace industry and de facto standards. Our products are designed for and obtain Underwriters Laboratories Listings and Approvals for UL 294 Access Control Systems and UL 1076 Proprietary Burglar Alarm Systems. Software development focuses on the latest Microsoft operating systems and databases.

Quality Processes
Software may be the window into the system, but the hardware is the foundation. So it gets special attention. We have decades-proven processes to ensure the reliability of our systems. After fabrication, circuit boards and firmware are life-cycled and burned in for a week.

All Hirsch Identive are “burned in” to ensure reliability.

Then, we factory assemble all the components and test the entire unit for proper operation before shipping. This results in an MTBF of 100 years for our controllers. Even though Hirsch uses “just in time” manufacturing processes, we typically maintain ample inventory for prompt shipments from stock. 

Rigorous testing ensures each unit meets or
exceeds Hirsch's high quality standards.

Hirsch’s on-site warehouse prides itself 
on meeting shipment commitments, including 
rush orders.

Our Velocity software is designed from the bottom up around the firmware in our controllers and is extensively tested in factory and field settings to ensure performance, reliability, and system integrity. We design forward-compatibility into our systems so our customers will find expansion and modernization to be simple and economical.

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