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Velocity Physical + Logical Access Management System

The Hirsch Converged Access Control Solution is an easy to deploy, appliance-based smart card management system that provisions physical and logical access control profiles and privileges in a single step from within the Velocity application.

More than simple password substitution, this device encodes secure smart cards with user attributes and highly secure digital certificates, to insure credential authenticity. These secure credentials may used for secure desktop access and password replacement, encrypt and digitally sign emails, and for strong authentication and single sign on purposes.

It has become painfully obvious that simple, static passwords are too easy to hack. Complex and changing passwords are too hard for employees to remember, so they simply write them down somewhere on their desktop, or they drive up IT costs by consuming expensive IT resources resetting forgotten passwords . One-time password keys are expensive to deploy and maintain.

The Hirsch Converged Access Control Solution solves those problems by providing complex passwords on a secure, multi-purpose smart card credential. Use the card in tandem with a user PIN, providing simple two-factor authentication. Or add a biometric device and support three-factor authentication for critical resources.



To see how the Hirsch Converged Access Control Solution will enhance security, compliance and operational efficiency, and reduce overall compliance costs. For more information, contact Hirsch.

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