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Identity Management Systems

Hirsch Identive’s Identity & Access Management System™ is a suite of integrated hardware, software and services that deliver an end-to-end solution for complete identity management and access control.

The IAMS suite components include: 

  • Identity and credential management system:  Collects biometrics, links to background check, downloads certificates, manages workflow
  • Directory services integration: Enables single-card physical and logical access
  • HR system integration: Keeps human resources & security databases in sync
  • Quick Credential Converter:  Migrates access privileges from old to new credential
  • Velocity:  Manages/controls physical access, alarms, sensors, video, reports
  • Certificate checker: Periodically validates digital certificates; flags revocations
  • Card readers, keypads, Verification Station (RUU): Controls access, authenticates identities
  • Card printers and encoders: Produce high-security ID cards
  • Other components:  Hirsch can integrate most other 3rd-party products upon request

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