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Velocity 3.1 Server and Client application software (not current version). DVD installs Single User, Server, or Client. For networks of DIGI*TRAC controllers (CCM-F Version 7.4.31 or higher). Enrollment, Photo Badging, Dynamic Graphics, Alarms, Events, Control, History, Who's Inside, Programming, and Editing. Runs on Windows XP Pro/7/Vista (Single User or Client mode), or Windows Server 2008 R2 (Server mode). Single User or Server modes require SQL Server 2008 R2 (not included) or SQL Server 2008 Express (included). Includes DVD, Install Guide. SDK for XML/API not included.


Hirsch’s award-winning Velocity Security Management System delivers a broad range of security management features bundled into a powerful and easy-to-use offering utilized by security, facility management and guard personnel in commercial, governmental and educational institutions worldwide.  Velocity seamlessly integrates access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance and recording, photo ID badging, smart cards, biometrics, and interoperability with other building and business systems.  From a single door application to an enterprise-class system connecting hundreds of doors for thousands of users, Velocity is the preferred choice for facilities desiring effective security, reliability and ease-of-use. 

Velocity delivers total security in an all-in-one package:  

  • Access Control:  Readers, Keypads, Biometrics, Controllers for Doors, Gates, Elevators
  • Alarm Monitoring, Intrusion Detection:  Sensors, Alarm Routing, Automated Responses, History/Reports 
  • Video, CCTV:  Cameras, DVRs, Links to Analytics
  • Identification Management:  Smart Cards, Photo Badges, Integration with IDMS, CMS, Watch Lists
  • Interoperability:  With HR System, Network Log-on, Provisioning, Command & Control, Central Station, Parking, HVAC, Lighting, Other Devices, Other Databases
Velocity is network-ready & IT friendly.  It is designed to meet the needs of the IT as well as security departments. Velocity employs IT-centric tools such as integration with directory services, encrypted TCP/IP communications to control panels, and support of split server configurations and high-availability environments. 
Velocity is designed to tightly integrate with HR and network provisioning systems, allowing it to serve as the physical security component of an overall Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and policy-based security management system.  This approach can help enhance security, improve operational efficiency and reduce administrative and compliance costs.
The system is highly secure, requires little bandwidth, and is scalable to even the largest organizations. Velocity supports Unified Identity Management with a full line of smart card readers, biometrics, privacy-sensitive keypads, and FIPS 201 products. Velocity’s open architecture, SDK, and built-in XML interoperability enable you to integrate Velocity with building automation and other systems.  You can even implement a single-card solution for both door access and computer log-on. Hirsch’s Professional Services Group is available to assist if desired.  
Hirsch products are repeatedly judged high quality and high value.  In fact, Velocity has earned numerous industry awards including an unprecedented six-time winning of the coveted Security Industry Association’s Product Achievement Award.

PC Minimum Requirements 

Pentium 4, 2GHz, 40GB hard drive, CD-ROM, sound card and speaker for AVI or WAV options, SVGA (XGA recommended) monitor 
RAM: Client or workstation: 512MB for XP; 1GB plus 128MB video card for Vista. Server: 1GB plus 40MB per active client 
Operating System 
32 or 64 bit Platforms 
Velocity single-user workstation or client: Windows XP Pro SP2 or Windows Vista (Business/Enterprise/Ultimate) 
Velocity server: Windows Server 2003 SP1 or Windows Server 2003 R2.
Redundant Servers supported 
MS SQL Server 2005 Express (included) or MS SQL Server 2005 (not included) 
Velocity supports splitting the database and application servers 
Server to Server data encryption 
Communication Ports: 1024 
LAN/WAN: Ethernet TCP/IP, Wireless Ethernet (802.11 b/g) 
- LAN I/F to XBox or SNIB 
- Direct to SNIB2 (includes XBox functionality): X*NET2 AES encryption 
Serial Port: RS-232 
- X*NET to XBox 
- S*NET SCRAMBLE*NET™ encryption to SNIB 
- X*NET2 AES encryption to SNIB2 
Dial-up: RS-232 Serial Port to modem. S*NET protocol to SNIB 
Enrollment Station: RS-232 
Email: SMTP for Alarms and Events in text or HTML 
Parallel Printers: Report (page), Alarm/Event (line) and Photo Badging (Magicard Turbo, Rio, Tango, Rio2, Tango2, Tango+L; Zebra P420i, P520i) 
Video capture via Video Capture Card or USB TWAIN device 
CCTV: RS-232 Serial Port to Matrix Switcher: Pelco 6700/6800/9740, 
Vicon 1300/1400, AD 2150, Burle TC8100, Panasonic 550 
- Video Input: Video Capture Card 
DVR: TCP/IP for video and control to DVR: AD DV16000/8000 Ultra, or NDVMS. 8 live or playback clients. 
Network cameras: AXIS for Live Video 
DIGI*TRAC Controller Support 
CCM: Version 7.4 or later 
Downloadable firmware 
63 controllers/channel 
- NET*MUX4 required for > 16 
Credentials: 132,000 
Passback: 65 nested zones 
Models supported: M1N, M2N, M2N2, M8N, M8N2, M16N, M16N2, MSPN, MSPN2, M64N and M64N2 
Globalization for I/O, passback, and user limits via XBox or SNIB2. 
User limits include absentee limits, use count limits and day limits 
Listings & Approvals 
UL 1076 Proprietary Burglar Alarm Systems, Grade AA FIPS197: 
NIST #482 
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