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Hirsch Identive's Professional Services Group (PSG) offers solutions tailored to your organization’s specific security and business needs.

From implementation of system migrations and advanced server configurations to development of sophisticated middleware, Hirsch Identive Professional Services delivers.




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As the complexity of security systems has risen, so has the market's need for advanced expertise and custom solutions.   That's why Hirsch Identive has delivered manufacturer-developed, customized solutions for customers on just about every continent -- from small systems to some of the largest and most sensitive network installations in the world.

Hirsch Identive takes pride in its global availability and rapid deployment in support of any dealer/installer or customer.  Hirsch Identive has passed some of the world's most rigorous tests and satisfied some very tough critics.  Hirsch Identive stands ready to satisfy you and your organization.

Hirsch Identive's Professional Services staff is comprised of networking, database, programming, and project management experts.

Expertise includes:

  • Networking:  LAN, WAN, VPN, VLAN, etc.
  • Databases: SQL, Access, Oracle, DB2, etc.
  • Programming: .NET, .HTML, Java, C#, Visual Basic, etc.
  • LDAP, Active Directory, other directory services
  • System Design, commissioning, maintenance
  • High availability: redundant, clustered servers, etc.
  • Survivability: regional and geographically distributed servers; hardening
  • Usability: Custom browser interfaces, extended Velocity functionality
  • Virtualization
  • Web services, SOAP
  • Encryption (PKI, certificates, keys, TLS, AES, SSL, etc.)
  • Third-party APIs and applications
  • Integration of components from several suppliers into an end-to-end solution
  • Project management


By utilizing Hirsch Identive Professional Services, organizations can leverage Hirsch Identive’s IT strengths while executing on their own core competencies. The benefits to the customer include lower costs, reduced operational complexity, and improved reliability and security.

Hirsch Identive Professional Services are developed by Hirsch Identive often in conjunction with a local Hirsch Identive-authorized dealer, integrator or value added reseller (VAR).  The process of engaging the Hirsch Identive Professional Services Group (PSG) varies according to project size, complexity and the parties involved. 

Engagement stages may include:

  • Discovery and needs assessment
  • Proposal development by Hirsch Identive and/or Hirsch Identive integrator.  Includes pricing and anticipated schedule.
  • Sign off by client and delivery of purchase order (PO)
  • Project initiated, development commences
  • Project is managed with regular communications and milestone briefings with customer
  • Implementation, acceptance sign-off
  • Documentation and training

Most often, the needs assessment and proposal presentation stages are accomplished using the telephone, e-mail, and/or a web-based meeting system; pre-project visits to the customer site are conducted where appropriate.

Programming is typically performed at Hirsch Identive's facility in Orange County, California. 

Projects often include Hirsch Identive commissioning the system at the customer site and training personnel.  Maintenance agreements are common to keep systems running well, integrations maintained over new releases, etc.

Most projects start with the customer identifying a problem and asking if Hirsch Identive can help solve it.  How might the Hirsch Identive Professional Services Group be of help to you?  

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