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Cyber Security, Logical Access, Network Security

You're securing your doors, your IT directory system, and your network ports.  But do any of those three access control systems talk to one another?  Hirsch Identive is the first vendor, we believe, to harness the potential of true security integration and unification. 
The Hirsch Identive Professional Service group can customize a solution to meet your specific requirements.  Or you can utilize one of the solutions already developed by Hirsch Identive and its partners, such as:
  • Physical + Logical Security including secure Windows log-on:  Your network is vulnerable if you are still using passwords-only log-on.  Use Hirsch Identive's trusted Velocity Security Management System to issue encrypted smart cards for strong-authentication Windows log-on.  


  • Physical + Network Security: Hirsch Identive systems use secure, IT standard protocols, to link physical access control (PAC) events to network access control (NAC) privileges.  This linkage allows an individual’s physical presence to become a policy for granting or denying network access to a building, thus preventing tailgating, and allowing management to know who exactly is in the building, along with many more possible applications.
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