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Identity Management

Hirsch Identive has consistently proven itself a leader in the identity and access management space, delivering real solutions that are at the intersection of security and identity.
Examples of Hirsch Identive PSG Identity Management-related services:
  • IDMS & CMS systems:  Hirsch Identive offers multiple Identity Management Systems and Credential Management Systems -- with Velocity integrations prebuilt. 
  • IDMS/CMS integrations:  Hirsch Identive has delivered ad hoc Velocity interoperability functionality to numerous 3rd party IDMS/CMS packages.  And we can likely integrate with yours, whatever brand or in-house solution it may be. 
  • Certificate status checking: Real- or near-real-time cert checks, using CA, PKI, OCSP, SCVP and/or CRL.  At the door or at the desk.
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