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Your security system should communicate with other systems, databases, applications and devices.  Interoperability opens the door to real cost savings and ROI. 

  • Automate manual functions
  • Send data and commands between systems
  • Solve tough problems
  • Provide new functionality                             

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Here is just a sampling of the interoperability solutions offered by Hirsch Identive:                        

API/SDK/XML Application programming interface, software development kit, XML tools
Video Integrations VMS, CCTV, DVR, NVR, VVR
Alarm Integrations Burg panels, central station receivers
People / Personnel Management Systems HR systems, etc.
Directory Services, Logical Access Active Directory, etc.
Network Access Control Make your NAC system aware of physical security events
PSIM Systems Physical Security Information Management
SIEM Systems Network Security Information and Event Management
IDMS Identity Management
CMS Card and credential management systems
Provisioning Systems Security as part of your service management solution
Visitor Management Systems Register, control and track your visitors
Building Automation BACnet, lighting, HVAC, elevator, parking...
Paging & Intercom Systems  Send alarms to any device, trigger voice alerts, more
Time & Attendance Badge in, punch in
Handheld Devices Cell phones, PDAs, etc.
Other Integrations The imagination is the only limiter 
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