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Data. It is the lifeblood of the modern organization. Keeping it secure from physical and cyber attack requires systems that are secure, reliable and flexible. For those reasons and more, data centers need the level of security and protection that only a Hirsch Identive system can provide.

The Data Center’s Unique Security Challenges  


Whether you are a telecommunications provider, a server farm, an Internet service provider, or anyone else with a critical data center infrastructure, the nation is depending on you to have solid security practices in place. Hirsch Identive’s security solutions will keep out criminals trying to steal or destroy the information inside of your walls.

Some data centers serve a single corporate parent, while others provide cloud-based services to others. Either way, you serve internal or external customers who depend upon you to:
  • Provide high levels of availability and fault-tolerance (24/7/365)
  • Protect your servers and communications equipment from physical security and other threats
  • Maintain a properly climate-controlled environment 
  • Protect data stored on servers from damage and malicious theft
  • Respond quickly when issues arise
  • Maintain regulatory compliance  - Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, PCI, SAS70
This kind of responsibility means that security needs to be something that is built into operation, not just added on. A data center needs to ensure that all personnel are properly identified and authenticated, that visitors are properly identified and escorted, that access to key areas is strictly controlled and that all events are monitored, verifiable and auditable.

The Hirsch Identive Velocity system will let you control and monitor access from your outer perimeter doors to data center entry points right down to controlling and monitoring access to the individual server racks and cages. The Hirsch Identive Velocity system can stand alone in the data center, or be part of a global enterprise security management solution, providing identity management and credentialing, access control, video recording, security monitoring and personalised alert reporting - through a Velocity client, by email or SMS text.  

Hirsch Identive Solutions for the Data Center


Access Control and Security Operations Management

 A strong access control strategy is the best way to protect the vital information inside of your data center. Hirsch Identive's award-winning Velocity Access Control and Security Management System provides a single, customizable framework for managing all access control and security operations.

With your Hirsch Identive system in place, only those with proper permissions can access controlled areas. They can be required to present their badge to a reader upon entering as well as exiting an area, so you know exactly who was where and when. You can require higher forms of authentication (adding a PIN, or verifying biometric indicators) in more secure areas.

Security personnel will have a single point of operational control for everything they need to do to complete their mission - video surveillance, alarm control and reporting, local, remote and mass communications, the ability to unlock, lock or lock down areas as needed, register and track visitors, and more. Reporting on all system activity, including access events, alarms and Operator activities - essential for compliance - is easy with Velocity's built-in database reporting engine.

Secure Facilities, Doors and Areas

The Hirsch Identive system lets you decide how much security and authentication you need at any given point. Card Reader only; Card plus PIN; Card, Pin plus Biometric - all may be mixed and matched on the system, and levels of credential verification can vary by time of day, person, or even by the current theat posture of the facility.

Long a favorite of our most secure Government customers, the unique Hirsch Identive ScramblePad family of devices is ideal for protecting valuable assets and areas. With it's scrambling digits and "your eyes only" viewing restrictor, the Scramblepad provides a secure means for entering PIN codes. versions of this device are available with built-in proximity or smart card sensors, thereby offering dual authentication  capabilities (card plus PIN), in a single secure device.

But the ScramblePad is more than a simple PIN enabled access control device. ScramblePads offer the following additional capabilities:

  • Arm and Disarm alarm systems or zones
  • Signal "Duress" upon a forced entry
  • Perform command functions - Lock, Unlock, Lock-Down without requiring access to the software
  • Control access into individual cages (up to 64) from a single ScramblePad - greatly reducing cost while enhancing security

Video Surveillance and Recording

To provide a complete security environment, Hirsch Identive can provide or integrate with video surveillance and recording systems, enabling the following functionality*, and more:

  • View selected cameras or groups of cameras from within the Velocity user interface
  • Automate video system functions through the Velocity Trigger/Actions Manager
    • Automatically display a particular camera or group of cameras upon event
    • Send moveable cameras to preset PTZ positions
    • Activate real-time video recording of alarm and prealarm event
  • Interface with video analytic applications
  • Link and tag video events in the Velocity database for easy and logical retrieval and playback
  • Playback video through the Velocity integration

*Functionality is dependent upon capability of the video recording system deployed.

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