Universities & Higher Education

- Integrated Campus Card Systems

- Timed and Manual Door Controls

- Integrate with Video and Communication Systems

- One-Click Lockdown

Universities need to protect students, faculty, staff and visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Hirsch Identive understands this, and has decades of experience in securing educational facilities around the world.  Hirsch Identive’s security management system enables you to control the security on essentially every inch of your campus.

Higher Education's Unique Security Challenges

Gain control… prevent incidents… reduce liability… ensure accountability.

Securing universities is sometimes as challenging as securing a whole city.  Like cities, you may have housing, power plants, maintenance yards, public gathering places and healthcare facilities.  With Hirsch Identive, you can ensure that your high value assets and sensitive areas are secure, while keeping your university open.

Serious threats can and do arise.  You may be faced with active shooters, stalkers, bomb threats, demonstrations, thefts, vandalism, physical assaults, and hazardous material spills present on campus.  Hirsch Identive knows that universities therefore require a security system that can provide campus-wide mass notifications for issues and threats, and even execute lock downs when necessary, and has a built a system to do just that. 

Text Box:      Campus Types Secured Public Universities Private Universities Religious Schools Community Colleges Distance Learning Schools Satellite Campuses K-12 Schools   Hirsch Identive’s comprehensive campus security solutions provide:

  • One-click lock-down of campus facilities and triggers to initiate mass notification systems
  • Integrated systems for access control and video surveillance of student housing, administration, physical plant, labs, and more
  • Automated mass enrollment/de-enrollment for terms' beginning and end periods
  • Interoperability to main student enrollment system so students’ cards or PIN codes only get them into rooms and labs for classes in which they are enrolled
  • Multi-application campus card solutions for secure, coordinated delivery of services, from access control to vending and copier purchases.

To learn more about security solutions for universities, contact Hirsch Identive.

Areas and Assets Secured

Student Housing

Computer Labs

Data Centers

Research Labs


Police Services

Student Union

Parking Areas

Physical Plant

Maintenance Yards





Velocity Integration

Video Surveillance Systems

Student Information Databases

Mass Notification Systems

Police Dispatch Systems

Student Badging and ID Systems

Hirsch Identive Solutions for Universities, Higher Education Facilities


Access Control and Security Operations Management

Access control is the primary element in a trusted security system at your educational facility.  With Hirsch Identive, only those with permission can access certain areas.  At the same time, your security and safety personnel have single point of operational control for everything else they do as well, from alarms and surveillance cameras to triggering mass notifications or lockdowns.  Hirsch Identive’s award-winning Velocity Security Management System achieves all of these goals, providing a customizable single software system that can manage all access control and security operations.

Student Enrollment Systems:  Velocity can be linked with your university’s main student enrollment system (such as Banner) to ensure students’ cards or PIN codes only get them into rooms and labs for classes in which they are enrolled.  If the student drops particular classes or fails to pay tuition, the appropriate building and/or door access privileges are revoked, automatically.  The same type of enrollment privileges can be administered for faculty and staff. 

Lock-downs and Mass Notification:  Velocity operators can execute sophisticated lock-down logic in case of emergency.  Velocity can even send alarms and alerts via email.  Additionally, Velocity can be configured to interface to dedicated third-party mass notification system to trigger wide area messaging via telephone, e-mail, text message, public address systems and electronic signage.

Campus Card Solutions

Hirsch Identive, working with its sister companies within Identive Group, can provide smart campus cards.  Multi-application campus cards allow students to use a single card for many purposes, including access control, payment in the cafeteria or at vending machines, book checkout at the library, computer log-on, laundry and more.  Contactless cards provide a single point for identity management throughout the student’s campus life cycle, enabling better security, better coordination of services and a better on campus experience for everyone.


For monitoring your campus, Hirsch Identive security systems integrate the latest solutions for video/CCTV.  You can utilize a Hirsch Identive-provided video system or integrate Hirsch Identive Velocity with your existing video solution.  The features enable you to:

  • Automate video system actions.  Velocity's Triggers/Actions Manager directs the DVR/NVR to initiate recording at the predefined location and recording frame rate, all without operator intervention. 
  • Tag videoed alarm events for quick retrieval, archiving and distribution to authorities. 
  • Conduct real-time surveillance by viewing multiple cameras across the enterprise from Velocity workstations.


To learn more about securing your campus, contact Hirsch Identive.

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