State, County & Local Governments

State, county and local governments have a difficult task – keep citizens, employees, buildings and data safe and secure on a tight budget.  Hirsch Identive understands, and has been providing cost effective, efficient and easy to use security solutions to the government for more than 25 years.  

State, County and Local Government Unique Security Challenges


Securing facilities, areas and data, and keeping tax payers safe all while working with tight budgets and limited resources is no easy task for any state, county or local government. You face all of the security challenges that any business organization must face, but because of the breadth of services you must provide, and the disparate types of constituents you serve, your challenges are even greater. 

  • In most cases, your buildings must be open to the public, who also expects you to protect them. 
  • Elected officials require elevated levels of protection and security, while the public expects access to them
  • Judicial, law enforcement  and corrections facilities require higher levels of security and control
  • Schools need to be accessible to students and parents, but you need the ability to lock them down at a moment's notice
  • The people's business and world events do not always occur on schedule, so any security initiatives and systems need to flexible
  • Local governments often collect and maintain large amounts of citizen Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and face stringent regulatory environments
  • Local governments also maintain weapons for police use, narcotics at county and other medical facilities, disaster recovery PODS, and other sensitive items and equipment that need high levels of protection
  • Stronger methods of identity management and verification (PIV-I, FRAC) have been mandated by the Federal government.

Hirsch Identive’s solutions will allow you to secure your entire environment including public spaces, respond to threats, and prevent incidents, all while managing all operations from a single point of command and control. 

Hirsch Identive can provide a complete PIV-I solution in accordance with all NIST technical specifications and requirements, enabling the use of PIV-I, as well as federal PIV/CAC/TWIC cards for identity verification, physical and logical access control, and verification of Knowledge, Skilss and Attributes (KSA's).

Hirsch Identive Solutions for State, County and Local Governments


Access Control and Security Operations Management 

Your complete Hirsch Identive security solution starts with secure, efficient and cost-effective access control.  The award-winning Velocity Security Management System is a customizable single software system that can manage all access control and security operations, and easily integrate with full scale municipal command, control and computer-aided dispatch systems.

Velocity access control functionality allows you to specifically control who may access which doors, at which times of day and day of week. Velocity can monitor all of your alarm devices and systems, alerting security staff to events and situations with messages on the Operators desktop, or messages sent to external notification systems like email and cell phones.

With 30 years of government security experience, Hirsch Identive can help design and implement systems to meet the special needs of government users and facilities, including:

  • Administrative Office Facilities - secure employee entrances and areas; unlock public entrances on timed schedule or when the first employee arrives each morning
  •  Legislative Facilities - allow high visibility legislators and staff to be accessible when they choose to be, yet secure when they need to be
  • Law Enforcement Facilities - secure access to vehicle entry points, police adminstration areas, prisoner handling and intake areas, weapons storage facilities.
  • Courthouses - separate the traffic flows or court employees, visitors and defendants


ScramblePad High Security Readers

The Hirsch Identive ScramblePad keypads and readers add an additional factor of authenticating employees when they enter and/exit sensitive areas.  In addition to presenting their badge to the reader, employees have to enter their personalized PIN.  Each numeral is randomly scrambled on the pad to a new position each time the START button is pressed, so a bystander cannot see the code, learn the pattern, nor identify telltale wear marks on certain keys. 

ScramblePads may be used to enhance the security and capability of your access control system. In corrections environments, ScramblePads enhance officer safety, as simply targeting the officer's card will not be enough. Even if the officer is overcome and forced to divulge his code, the officer could provide his normal code, plus one more digit, which would serve as a "Duress" code, alerting Velocity Operators to his situation, yet unlocking that door normally, minimizing a life-threatening situation.

Several police departments and courthouses use ScramblePads to secure officer weapons when in court or in prisoner areas, as shown in the photo to the left.

Biometrics can be added for even higher levels of security.




FIPS 201 Identity Management and Smart Card Programs

Hirsch Identive can provide complete systems that comply with US Government FIPS201 standards for identity management, credentialing and deployment. As federal guidelines and mandates begin to reach into the State, County and Local government levels, Hirsch Identive can design and deploy complete solutions that support all current NIST and OMB directives, including those calling for validation of digital certificates.

Hirsch Identive Velocity systems can accept all current versions of PIV, CAC, TWIC and FRAC cards, as well as PIV-I (Interoperable) cards as specified in under government ICAM guidelines. The Hirsch Identive RUU-201 devices can be used to create and issue PIV-I cards, validate that cards have been correctly encoded, validate digital certificates, and be used as 4-factor (Card, PIN, BIO and Certificate) door access control devices.


For visually monitoring your environment, Hirsch Identive security systems integrate the latest solutions for video/CCTV.  You can utilize a Hirsch Identive-provided video system or integrate Hirsch Identive Velocity with your existing video solution.  The features enable you to:


  • Automate video system actions.  Velocity's Triggers/Actions Manager directs the DVR/NVR to initiate recording at the predefined location and recording frame rate, all without operator intervention. 
  • Automatically interface with your video analytics solutions
  • Tag videoed alarm events for quick retrieval, archiving and distribution to authorities. 
  • Conduct real-time surveillance by viewing multiple cameras across the enterprise from Velocity workstations.
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