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FIPS201 Compliant

DCID and NISPOM Compliant

UL294, 106AAand 2050 Listed

GSA Schedule GS-07-7733C

Hirsch Identive Products are Made in the USA

Hirsch Identive is recognized as the premium provider of Physical Access Control systems to the U.S. Government, and serves as the primary provider to many civilian, defense, diplomatic and intelligence community agencies. Hirsch Identive can provide complete, end to end systems that perform FIPS201-compliant  IDMS, Card Management, Biometric Capture and Digital-Certificate Management capabilities. Hirsch Identive Velocity Access and Security Management software and our intelligent access control management panels support all current versions of government-issued PIV, CAC, and TWIC credentials, and are suitable for use in the most secure government facilties.

The Federal Government’s Unique Security Challenges


With the federal government dealing with sensitive data day to day, security and privacy are essential for national security.  Your facilities and data must be secured at all times.  At the same time, complying with regulatory procedures and standards is a must. 

Hirsch Identive’s solutions are GSA approved to meet all of your HSPD-12 and FIPS 201 requirements.  With Hirsch Identive, you can issue PIV cards, verify their validity, and use them for physical access to facilities.  Hirsch Identive can also enable you to use your PIV cards to log onto computers and the network, and use PKI to check certificates.

Hirsch Identive can help you meet other requirements, too.  Hirsch Identive is very familiar with the C&A process, both for FISMA and DIACAP, and has helped many agencies to complete their Security Test & Evaluation (ST&E) and get their Certification and Accreditation (C&A).  The Hirsch Identive system is also approved to secure sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF) per the standards set forth in Director of Central Intelligence Directive No. 6/9 (DCID 6/9). 

A customized Hirsch Identive solution for complete security provides:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Protection of areas, buildings, and networks
  • Issuance, verification, and usage of PIV cards
  • Advanced technology keypad and readers that read multiple card formats, including CAC cards and other legacy cards
  • Integration with the latest solutions for video/CCTV

Hirsch Identive Government Support Capabilities

To meet the unique needs of our government customers, Hirsch Identive maintains dedicated government Program and Sales teams, with personnel deployed around the United States.

Our Government Program Group  (GPG) is located in Reston, VA, close to the Washington, DC hub of government activity. GPG builds long-term relationships with key personnel at government agencies, insuring that Hirsch Identive continues to build the types of solutions that address the unique concerns of government. GPG team members participate in industry associations and standards-writing bodies, influencing and incorporating the latest technology and directives into the Hirsch Identive product. 

Hirsch Identive Government Sales Managers work with our government customers and government contractors to implement and deploy complete system solutions.

Whether the need is for a single facility, or a global agency solutions, Hirsch Identive Government teams make the process efficient and effective.

Hirsch Identive Solutions for the Federal Government


Access Control and Security Operations Management 

Text Box: Hirsch can help with: FIPS 201 PIV-I GUID FIPS 140-2 HSPD-12 SP800-116 FISMA HIPAA HITECH CHUID FASC-N GSA APL

For secure, FIPS 201-compliant PACS, Hirsch Identive has your solution – the award-winning Velocity Security Management System.  It is a customizable single software system that can manage all access control and security operations.  Velocity meets regulatory requirements and ensures that only those with permission can access security-controlled areas. 

At the same time, your security and safety personnel have single point of operational control for everything else they do, from alarms and surveillance cameras to monitoring logical access.  They also have one-click reporting features that make compliance easier. 


Verification Station 

Text Box: Advanced ScramblePad Features:   Entry/Exit Readers per Door Elevator Control Mantraps Door/Equipment Interlocking Customs/International Flights Lockdown Controls Variable Threat Response Occupancy Counting and Controls Passback Zones User Duress Hirsch Identive’s RUU-201 Verification Station is the choice of many government agencies for identity verification.  It will confirm the identity of a cardholder to a PIV card.  The reader includes a Hirsch Identive ScramblePad®,a contact smart card reader, a contactless smart card reader, a minutiae-based fingerprint biometric reader, an LCD display and a processor capable of PKI certificate validation.  The Verification Station works for issuance, for remote standalone verification, for network-connected verification, for enrollment to a Hirsch Identive Velocity PACS and for use as a conventional door/gate access reader.


The Hirsch Identive ScramblePad keypad on the Verification Station provides an additional factor of authenticating employees when they enter and/exit sensitive areas.  In addition to presenting their badge to the reader, employees have to enter their personalized PIN.  Each numeral is randomly scrambled on the pad to a new position each time the START button is pressed, so a bystander cannot see the code, learn the pattern, nor identify telltale wear marks on certain keys.  This, in addition to the biometric component on the Verification Station, provides the highest of security and meets FIPS 201 requirements.

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