Hirsch creates security solutions that address the unique challenges within healthcare facilities, enabling them to provide an open yet safe and secure environment, one that meets or exceeds regulatory compliance requirements.  Whether you run a full-service hospital, regional medical center, or biological research facility, Hirsch can tailor a solution to meet your security, compliance and operational needs.

Healthcare's Unique Security Requirements

HIPAA and HITECH...the Joint Commission...public areas...electronic health records (EHRs)... medical equipment protection...wandering patients...narcotics storage...access for first responders... disaster management and recovery - which pressing security concern is at the top of your priority list today? Which will be tomorrow? With the scope of healthcare security and compliance issues growing every day, you need to make sure the investment you make in a security management platform today will be able to meet your needs tomorrow.

That's why we built our Velocity Security Management system to be flexible, interoperable and secure. By making the Hirsch system one less thing you need to worry about,  Hirsch enables healthcare executives to focus on patient outcomes and the business issues important to the organization's stakeholders.

We understand that trust is an essential part of day-to-day healthcare facility operations.  Hirsch can enable you to trust that employees entering sensitive areas and logging into networks are who they say they are,  and that they have the authority to do so.  You can trust that patients are safe and that visitors are managed in a secure and efficient way.  You can trust that you've got an effective system to prevent theft and/or loss of narcotics, abduction of infants, and other potential security threats. 

This trust must be guaranteed without hindering employees' ability to do their jobs, while keeping the facility open enough for patients and visitors, and complying with regulations.  In order to guarantee that a healthcare environment is a trusted one, Hirsch provides complete and interoperable security and identity management systems.  Some of the features of Hirsch’s systems include:

  • Strong identity authentication and privilege authorization
  • One point of command for managing all identity, monitoring, physical and logical access control
  • A wide variety of reader and credential verification technologies, including biomeIntric
  • One-card converged solutions
  • Open, but secure  tools for integration to HR, network security and business system environments.

From access control system to complete solutions for building and IT system interoperability, Hirsch is the preferred choice for the healthcare industry.


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“Organizations need to ensure they are in a defensible position to demonstrate compliance with all the security and privacy provisions of HIPAA. Hirsch systems help you to document your actions and assertions of compliance.”

Facility Types Secured

Hospitals        Biotech Labs

Clinics            Rehab Centers

Pharmacies    Warehouses

       Doctor's Offices

    Psychiatric Centers

  Assisted Living Facilities

An integrated security management solution from Hirsch Identive can help enhance security and organizational efficiency while reducing costs. Areas and issues we can impact include:

  • Employee Identity Management, Provisioning and Access Control
  • Pharmaceutical Cabinet Control
  • Alarm and Event Monitoring
  • Visitor Management and Logging
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting - HIPAA, HITECH Act, JCAHO, EHR, GLBA
  • Visual Surveillance, Recording and Playback
  • Duress Signaling
  • Wandering Patient/Infant Abduction Monitoring
  • Network and Logical Access Control
  • Building Automation Integration
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