Air Transportation

-Controlled Area Security

- Automatic monitoring of government watch lists

- Interoperability with Video, Communications and Airport Management Systems

Hirsch Identive understands the importance of these words to whole air transportation system –airports, air carriers, TSA, law enforcement and tenants.  Hirsch Identive has extensive experience helping airports of all sizes, including CAT X facilities, secure their operations and comply with TSA regulations.

Air Transportation’s Unique Security Challenges


Commercial airports exist to serve the flying public, and as such must be accessible to the public. At the same time, airports require some of the most stringent security measures, managing the access needs and movement of the passengers, visitors, employee, contractors and baggage.

The systems deployed to control access and monitor security devices in airports must be secure, reliable and highly scalable. The Hirsch Identive Velocity access control and security management system meets and exceeds the most stringent requirements, and serves as the security framework for airport and airline facilities around the world.

By working with Hirsch Identive to implement an end-to-end security solution, airports and airlines are keeping airport visitors and employees safe, and complying with national security and counter-terrorism policy.  With Hirsch Identive, you will meet today’s requirements, while having the ability to evolve to meet new ones, such as the upcoming Airport Credential Interoperability Specification (ACIS).

A customized Hirsch Identive solution for air transportation security provides:

  • Control and monitoring of access throughout the airport
  • Multiple forms of authentication (Card/PIN/Biometric) to access secure areas
  • Compliance with TSA “No-fly and Selectee List” requirements: automatically compare the federal government’s watch lists against the airport and airline employees
  • Advanced card production and badging capabilities, and the ability to track numbers of lost/reprinted badges
  • Advanced jetbridge control solutions including secure dual authentication ScramblePad/Contactless Card readers with “time available” countdown timers
  • Integration with digital video management and recording systems
  • High level command and control systems
  • Integration with airport management systems

Areas/Assets Secured

Sterile and Public Areas


Vehicle Access Portals

Parking Lots/Garages

Employee Access Portals

Terminal Lobby Areas


Security Identification Display Area (SIDA)

Air Operations Area (AOA)

Airport Operations Center (AOC)

Security Operations Center (SOC)

General Aviation Areas

Fuel Farm

Jet Bridges

Hirsch Identive Solutions for Air Transportation

Access Control and Security Operations Management

Access control is the primary element in a trusted security system within air transportation.  With Hirsch Identive, only those with permission can access security controlled areas. 

At the same time, your security and safety personnel have single point of operational control for everything else they do, from alarms and surveillance cameras to triggering mass notifications or lockdowns.  Hirsch Identive’s award-winning Velocity Security Management System achieves all of these goals, providing a customizable single software system that can manage all access control and security operations. 

Comply With Ease

With a simple Velocity specialized enhancement, you can now easily comply with TSA “No-fly and Selectee List” requirements.  This Hirsch Identive solution can save an airport’s security team dozens of hours each month.  It automatically compares the federal government’s watch lists against the airport and airline employees listed in the security system. It identifies potential matches and then creates and uploads the necessary tracking reports back to the TSA.

Secure Doors While Boarding

Hirsch Identive ScramblePad® keypad and readers add an additional factor of authenticating employees when they enter and/exit sensitive areas.  In addition to presenting their badge to the reader, employees have to enter their personalized PIN.  Each numeral is randomly scrambled on the pad to a new position each time the START button is pressed, so a bystander cannot see the code, learn the pattern, nor identify telltale wear marks on certain keys.  You can add biometrics for even higher security. 

Hirsch Identive’s customized ScramblePad door readers will let your authorized flight attendants keep Jetways secure while loading passengers.  The attendant enters the specific amount of time the door is to remain open on the reader, while the countdown display indicates how much time is remaining.  The reader emits an alarm warning before time is up so if the flight attendant needs more time, she/he can add more.  When all of the passengers are loaded onto the plane, the door locks upon closing. 


For monitoring the airport, Hirsch Identive security systems integrate the latest solutions for video/CCTV.  You can utilize a Hirsch Identive-provided video system or integrate Hirsch Identive Velocity with your existing video solution.  The features enable you to:

  • Automate video system actions.  Velocity's Triggers/Actions Manager directs the DVR/NVR to initiate recording at the predefined location and recording frame rate, all without operator intervention. 
  • Automatically interface with your video analytics solutions
  • Tag videoed alarm events for quick retrieval, archiving and distribution to authorities. 
  • Conduct real-time surveillance by viewing multiple cameras across the enterprise from Velocity workstations.

To learn more about securing your airport or airline, contact Hirsch Identive.

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