Port and terminal operators know that threats to the maritime industry are very real, and security vulnerabilities left unaddressed will be exploited, with potentially disastrous results.  Hirsch Identive has years of experience helping the maritime industry keep their ports, bridges and ships secure in the harshest of environments, comply with The Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) of 2002, and participate in the TSA’s Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) program. 

Seaport's Unique Security Challenges


Cargo Theft. Documentation Fraud. Pilferage. Workplace Hazards. Domestic and Foreign Terrorism. Compliance with National and International Regulatory Environments.The unfortunate reality in the maritime industry is that you have a lot to protect and any security vulnerabilities will soon be detected and exploited. Port and terminal operators need to defend their critical infrastructure against would-be attackers with a highly secure security management system.

Text Box: Areas/Assets Secured Drawbridges and their operation Locks Dams, Navigational aids Dock infrastructure (cranes, mooring facilities) Pilot boats Multimodal connections (oil and gas pipelines, rail access, roads)  Power and water distribution systems Utilities Communications systems Fuel and HAZMAT depots Terminal facilities Containers and container yards Cruise liners Supertankers Warships    This is where Hirsch Identive comes in.  Hirsch Identive’s end-to-end security solutions are robust and ideal for maritime environments with trucks, heavy equipment, dust, dirt, grime and grease.  With Hirsch Identive, you can implement strong security while still keeping commerce moving quickly, efficiently, and effectively, and meeting all the needs of your employees and union representatives.  You will comply with MTSA, and ready yourself for TWIC.  If requirements ever change, Hirsch Identive can change too.  




A customized Hirsch Identive solution for complete maritime security provides:

  • Compliance with MTSA
  • Access control solutions compatible with TWIC, and the ability to evolve with the program
  • Port-tested, TWIC-compliant reader terminals
  • Integration with video surveillance and recording systems
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