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Threat Level Escalation

Real-Time Muster Reporting

Hirsch Identive understands that, for utilities, physical security of plants, substations and corporate offices is of critical importance.  Hirsch Identive has the experience to be your partner in implementing a strong security strategy that complies with regulations, protects your critical infrastructure, and enables your operation to run smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Utilities’ Unique Security Challenges


Utilities, with their facilities, control systems, remote facilities and critical infrastructure, must adopt sound security policies, procedures and guidelines.  A stringent regulatory environment adds to the complexity of breadth of the security burden placed on the providers of power, gas and water.

The Hirsch Identive Velocity Access Control and Security Management solution provides security and control from end to end. Velocity provides the means to create digital identities that are linked to secure credentials, deploy various secure readers and biometric devices to strongly authenticate personnel, and assign policy-driven, role-based permissions to physical, network and logical assets.

The Hirsch Identive Velocity system can provide real-time reporting of who is inside any designated site or area, facilitating quick and reliable "muster" reports. It can link to safety/training recording systems, to insure complaince with safety regulations and insurance requirements.

With Hirsch Identive’s end-to-end security solution, you can protect and manage all of your assets from a single point of control. Hirsch Identive security is robust enough for any utility environment, even in harsh physical plant conditions. Hirsch Identive Velocity provides a single point of control for your entire security environmenty, and easily interoperates with and helps you control your supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, personnel management systems, as well as your video/CCTV and communications systems.

 A customized Hirsch Identive solution for complete enterprise security provides:

  • Regulatory compliance - NERC, CFATS, NRC, MTSA and TWIC
  • Strong identity management and authentication
  • Protection of critical infrastructure with industrial-grade, secure access control solutions
  • Local and global command and control
  • Integration with the latest solutions for video/CCTV
  • Network and logical access control and security management

To learn more about securing your utility, contact Hirsch Identive.

Hirsch Identive Solutions for Utilities

Access Control and Security Operations Management

To protect your plant and critical infrastructure, you must first start with access control.  With Hirsch Identive, only those with permission can access security-controlled areas.

Text Box: Advanced ScramblePad Features:   Entry/Exit Readers per Door Elevator Control Mantraps Door/Equipment Interlocking Customs/International Flights Lockdown Controls Variable Threat Response Occupancy Counting and Controls Passback Zones User Duress At the same time, your security and safety personnel have single point of operational control for everything else they do, from alarms and surveillance cameras to triggering mass notifications or lockdowns.  They also have one-click reporting features that make compliance easier.  Hirsch Identive’s award-winning Velocity Security Management System achieves all of these goals, providing a customizable single software system that can manage all access control and security operations.


Secure Facilities, Doors and Areas

Hirsch Identive ScramblePad® keypad and readers add an additional factor of authenticating employees when they enter and/exit sensitive areas.  In addition to presenting their badge to the reader, employees have to enter their personalized PIN.  Each numeral is randomly scrambled on the pad to a new position each time the START button is pressed, so a bystander cannot see the code, learn the pattern, nor identify telltale wear marks on certain keys.  You can add biometrics for even higher security. 

Velocity makes it easy for your security team to respond to possible attacks or intruders.  With one-click, alarms will be sounded, your entire will be locked down, mass notifications will be sent out, and images will be captured for evidence.  With Hirsch Identive, it is really that easy to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your security system, and keep your operation running smoothly.



For monitoring your plants, remote facilities, offices, and more, Hirsch Identive security systems integrate the latest solutions for video/CCTV.  You can utilize a Hirsch Identive-provided video system or integrate Hirsch Identive Velocity with your existing video solution.  The features enable you to:

  • Automate video system actions.  Velocity's Triggers/Actions Manager directs the DVR/NVR to initiate recording at the predefined location and recording frame rate, all without operator intervention. 
  • Automatically interface with your video analytics solutions
  • Tag videoed alarm events for quick retrieval, archiving and distribution to authorities. 
  • Conduct real-time surveillance by viewing multiple cameras across the enterprise from Velocity workstations.
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