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To update your controllers CCM firmware to the most recent version, you can order and install a new CCM board, or you can download the firmware from the Hirsch website and then use Velocity to upload the firmware to the CCM.  The upload/rewrite process is called “flashing” the CCM. 

In order to be flashable, the CCM’s BIOS version must be 7.1.20 or higher, and the sticker on the chip (U3) in the lower left hand corner of the CCM board must indicate version code 021118 or higher.  If your CCM does not meet these requirements, do not attempt to flash it through Velocity.  Instead, replace the CCM board. 

Please consult the Velocity Release Notes and Velocity Administrator’s Guide for the specific Velocity version you are using before choosing which CCM version to download and before flashing the CCM.  These documents can be found within the Velocity software’s Help system or by navigating from the main Downloads & Documents page.

How to Determine the CCM BIOS Level:


If you are using Velocity version 2.6sp2 or greater, the BIOS number will be displayed in the controller properties window.

If you are using an older version of Velocity, do the following:

1. Go to the Help menu on the tool bar and click on the Diagnostic Window option. Click on the RED button on the tool bar that is labeled Diagnostic Stream. The button will turn green.

2. From within the Diagnostic Window use the Controller list box and select the appropriate controller. Now go over to the Diagnostic Command list box and select option 1 - Date, Time, Version Number and click the button next to this list box. The controller will display system information in the bottom pane of this window. Please look for the following information below and determine the BIOS level of your CCM. In this example we were running CCM BIOS 7.2.19. The Firmware version number may be very different than the BIOS number. Please remember to note the BIOS level, not the firmware Vn. number.

1:24:40 PM 001:001:001 SNET Message 139 Device Info Device Type 3 M2
1:24:40 PM . ROM Sig. ffffffffffffffffx BIOS=7.2.19 Firmware Date=20041027 Vn. 7.3.01

If you are running BIOS Level 7.1.20 or higher you can use Velocity to flash your CCM to 7.3.0 or higher.


CCM\CCMx Firmware

CCM\CCMx Release Notes

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7.5.08 (.zip) 7.5.08 Release Notes (.pdf) DIGI*TRAC Design & Installation Guide (.pdf)

7.5.07 (.zip)

7.5.07 Release Notes (.pdf) Flashmaster Users Guide (.pdf)
7.5.04 (.zip)

7.5.04 Release Notes (.pdf)

DIGI*TRAC Annunciator Guide (.pdf)
7.4.58 (.zip)

7.4.58 Release Notes (.pdf)


7.4.53 (.zip)

7.4.53 Release Notes


7.4.51 (.zip)

7.4.51 Release Notes

7.4.47 (.zip)

7.4.47 Release Notes


7.4.44 (.zip)

7.4.44 Release Notes


7.4.43 (.zip)

7.4.43 Release Notes


7.4.31 (.zip)

7.4.31 Release Notes


7.4.29 (.zip)

7.4.29 Release Notes


7.4.25 (.zip)

7.4.25 Release Notes


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