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Supported Products

Hirsch Identive is proud to offer complimentary technical support to factory-trained, authorized dealers for Hirsch Identive manufactured products listed in the tables below. Products not listed below are no longer supported, however assistance is provided to upgrade from a non-supported to a supported product. End-of-support (EOS) dates, when applicable, are specified. For customers that choose to use an unsupported product, for-fee assistance may be available; please contact Hirsch Identive for more information.

Hirsch Identive advises customers to keep their hardware, firmware and software up-to-date. Newer product versions generally offer new enhancements in features, performance and ease-of-use. New versions also contain fixes and updates that ensure maximum facility security.

Staying current is important not only for Hirsch Identive manufactured hardware and software but also for the computer and related system components. Running your facility's security system on an older computer or on an operating system Microsoft no longer supports, can increase your probability of experiencing downtime. For instance, if a computer hardware part fails or the operating system becomes corrupted, you may find it impossible to get the system up and running quickly. Rather than risk an emergency situation, please commit to regularly scheduled, proactive upgrades.

Customers with custom or non-typical installations (redundant servers, API or interoperability implementations, etc.) should check with Hirsch Identive Professional Services for possible specialized upgrade procedures before installing new versions.

Software Support Policy

Hirsch Identive currently supports the Hirsch Identive-published software listed in the table below. Hirsch Identive will provide support for the most current "dot" release (N) and the previous dot release (N-1). Hirsch will also support the next previous dot release (N-2) for a minimum of six months after N's release date. (A "dot" release occurs when the numeral to the right of the version number's period is incremented (e.g., 3.1 was the dot release that followed 3.0).)

The end-of-support date will be posted on the Hirsch Identive website a minimum of six months prior to the EOS date. At Hirsch Identive's sole discretion, Hirsch Identive may choose to provide support beyond this period on case-by-case basis. If provided, any such support will be limited to reasonable efforts and will not include software patches or enhancements of old software versions. Most customers with non-supported software will be required to bring their software up to a supported version in order to receive technical support.

Product                  Release Date                End of Support Date Comments, if applicable
Velocity 3.5 (N) September 28, 2012 TBD  
Velocity 3.1 (N-1) September 9, 2008 TBD Documents & Downloads
Velocity 3.0 (N-2) November 8, 2006 March 28, 2013 Documents & Downloads
Upgrade Path
Velocity 2.6 May 10, 2004 November 15, 2010 Documents & Downloads
Upgrade Path
Momentum 4.6 June 22, 2004 November 15, 2010 Current release is version 4.6, build 1522. For users of prior versions, an upgrade to the current version is highly recommended. All Momentum users should consider migrating to Velocity.

Note, for users of SAM, AlarmTrac, ID Manager and SNAP, an upgrade is required. Dramatic enhancements in features, performance, and ease-of-use are provided by Velocity.

SAM users click here: SAM-to-Velocity Transition: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (.pdf)

Hardware/Firmware Support

Hirsch Identive currently supports the Hirsch Identive-manufactured hardware and firmware listed in the table below. Hirsch Identive will post end-of-support (EOS) notices a minimum of six months prior to discontinuing support.

Product EOS Notices, Comments, Resources
CCM6 Documents & Downloads
CCM7 Documents & Downloads
DIGI*TRAC controllers Documents & Downloads
DigiLock (DL1) An upgrade to a networked system (with Velocity, DIGI*TRAC and ScramblePad) is recommended for most applications.
Power Supply (PS2)  
ScrambleLock (SL) An upgrade to a networked system (with Velocity, DIGI*TRAC and ScramblePad) is recommended for most applications.
ScramblePad DS47L, DS37L Currently shipping model family is DS47L. For users of prior models, an upgrade to current model is generally recommended.
SNIB2 Documents & Downloads
Verification Station  
XBox Current release is 3.15. For users of prior versions, an upgrade to the current version is generally recommended.

Hirsch Identive and its authorized dealers stand ready to assist in planning and implementing your upgrade/migration. Please contact your Hirsch Identive representative for recommendations and considerations relevant to your specific products and installation environment. Contact Hirsch

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