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Velocity 3.5 Licensing

Velocity 3.5 ships with a new Licensing Manager that allows a Velocity Security Management System to be configured for the features required on the project, and at a scale that meets the current or future needs of the location(s) being controlled and secured.

How to purchase and License Velocity 3.5


To order Velocity 3.5 use the Velocity 3.5 Order Form to select the base edition that is required, and to select any optional content that is available/desired. Project specific information is required on this form as Hirsch Identive will use this information to locate/validate upgrades and renewals for the system.

The completed Order Form is then e-mailed or faxed to Customer Service (see Orders for info).

Customer Service will send an order acknowledgment that includes a unique SEN (Support Entitlement Number) for each licensed copy of Velocity that has been purchased. This SEN is an important reference and should be recorded in the project files. In addition to the order acknowledgment an e-mail will be sent to up to two contacts, as specified on the order form. This will include the SEN and a link to the Customer Licensing Portal.

The Velocity 3.5 media will be shipped on a single-sided DVD. Install the software and when prompted enter the SEN that was provided. The Velocity workstation or server will then display the Server ID. The SEN and Server ID are needed to obtain the Velocity 3.5 License Key. Click on the link in the e-mail to access the Customer Licensing Portal, enter the Server ID (the SEN will be pre-populated), and a License Key will be generated. Click ‘add/renew’ to send the license key to the desired e-mail address. Copy the license key from this e-mail in paste into the Velocity License Manager. Your software will now be licensed. Optionally, call Customer Service, provide your original order number and/or SEN plus your Server ID, and a License Key will be e-mailed to you.

Purchase 3.5 > Note SEN> Receive Media> Install> Enter SEN> Obtain Server ID> Obtain License Key from Customer License Portal (or from Customer Service)> Enter License Key

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