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Hirsch Identive Secure Laptop Storage Racks

Hirsch Identive and Tracewell Systems have teamed up to provide a solution to secure access to laptops containing sensitive information.

(January 2011; 4:55 min)

Convergence, PKI and more

SecureIDnews interviews Hirsch Identive's Mark Allen about how smart cards are used for both building access and PC log-on, the hosting options for an identity management system (IDMS), the data linkages between the physical access control system (PACS) and other systems, and real-time checking of a digital certificate's validity via PKI.  (March 2009; 9:42)



Verification Station Demo

See why the "RUU" is the hottest product on the market!

(10 min)

Government Solutions Overview by Lars Suneborn

Hirsch Identive's Director of Government Programs demonstrates Hirsch Identive solutions for PIV, CAC and TWIC.  (March 2009)


Identity & Access Management
Get up-to-speed on identity management, smart cards and using PKI to check digital certificates. This video shows why Hirsch Identive’s end-to-end solution for Identity & Access Management (IAM) is creating such a buzz in the marketplace.

(7 min.)


Access Control & Video Integration for Proper Alarm Handling
Demonstration of Hirsch Identive's Velocity security management system's integrating access control with video, alarm response, lock down, and mass notification.


Identity Management, Smart Cards
Smart card and biometric use as part of an identity management solution.

(4 min)


TFM Show
Hirsch Identive on display at the Total Facility Management (TFM) Show in Chicago

(2.5 min)


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